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When making your reservation you must call reservation department to request the date you wish to travel. Select your date at least 15 days in advance of yours requested arrival and check-in date, or 45 days if you plan to arrive during a holiday period. This is required due to availability. If you need to modify or cancel your reservation for Orlando-Florida, Daytona Beach-Florida and Las Vegas-Nevada, notify it to the Reservations Department at least 96 hours in advance (4 full days) to avoid cancellations or modification fees ($75- $149), and for Dominican Republic, Mexico or Puerto Rico at least 25 days in advance to avoid cancellation and modifications fees. ($200+). All reservations and modifications are subject to availability. After your reservation is confirmed you will be called 7 days before your check in time to send you by fax or email your confirmation sheet, which you have to take with you to the Hotel Welcome Center. You can reach 1-888-391-5002 - Reservation & Customer Service

QUALIFICATIONS: Due to the saving of this package, this vacation program is a one- time offer for each purchaser and has the following restrictions: Only one package per household, maximum occupancy is determined by travel location and room size, must be of contractual age (25 years married or cohabiting couples, Single Women older than 25 years of age For USA Destinations) and (Single Women more than 30 years of age also accepted, married or cohabiting couples for Caribbean Destinations). The purchaser must be gainfully employed and must possess a major credit card.

Item listed on “Details of your vacation package”sheet. This vacation package is good for the included number of nights lodging at host resort or participating hotels or equivalent lodging depending on location of travel. Offers to Orlando, Daytona, and Grand Bahamas provides accommodation for up to four people sharing the same accommodations (unless otherwise stipulated), and for Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Las Vegas provides accommodation for 2 adults and 2 children under the age of 6 (unless otherwise stipulated).

NOT INCLUDED: Any items not listed on “Details of your Vacation Package” sheet, including but not limited to: airfare, transportation, hotel taxes, cruise booking fees, hotel deposits, certificate and administrative fees, services charges, meals, roll away bed, phone usages and /or any other items of a personal nature. (Exceptions apply for Caribbean All Inclusive packages). These items are not included in this offer and are sole responsibility of the user. Florida state room/tourist tax is currently 9-13% ; this may change without notice and actual taxes depend on location of stay. This tax is to be paid by the traveler to the resort or hotel at the time of checking out. Extended stays by the user of this Vacation Package may possible, depending on availability of space at the prevailing rate and location of travel. Rates depend on time of year, availability and type of accommodations. Stays may be no longer than five (5) nights for hotel accommodation at Orlando-Florida; two (2) nights at Las Vegas; two (2) at Daytona Beach, and Grand Bahamas, and seven (7) at Dominican Republic, Mexico or Puerto Rico.

TRANSFER: This Vacation package cannot be resold, bartered, or redeemed for cash. All Federal, State, and Local laws apply. The laws of State of Florida govern this Vacation package. This package is transferable to qualifying person(s). To transfer a package, VACACIONES LAGUNA SUITE, must receive transfer notice in writing by both parties involved, as well as new contact information for the new qualifying traveler. Packages must be transferred in their entirety and are subject to a $29.99 transfer fee.

LIABILITY: This vacations package is not valid where prohibited by law. This vacation package accepts no responsibility or liability for any damages, expenses or inconvenience due to loss, injury and/or any damage to any person or property for any cause whatsoever as a result of acceptance or use of the vacation offer. The vacation package also accepts no responsibility for any verbal claims or representations other than those specified in this contract. VACACIONES LAGUNA SUITE. reserves the rights to substitute equivalent accommodations or locations if those stipulated in the package are not longer available for any reason.

CANCELLATION: VACACIONES LAGUNA SUITE CORP. prides itself in customer satisfaction and in accordance with Florida State statutes; you may cancel this contract without any penalty or obligation within 30 days from the date of purchase, whichever occurs later. You may also cancel this contract if accommodations or facilities are not available pursuant to a request for use as provided in the contract. If you decide to cancel you must notify VACACIONES LAGUNA SUITE. in writing of your intent to cancel by returning the certificate and sending notice to: VACACIONES LAGUNA SUITE CORP. (attn) Costumer Service. The certificate is defined as the vacation package material in its entirety delivered to the customer. No purchaser should rely upon representations other than those included in this contract. This contract is for the purchase of a vacation certificate and puts all assignees on notice of the consumer’s right to cancel under section 559.933, Florida Statutes.

DETAILS OF PARTICIPATION: Vacations packages are discounted for the purpose of introducing the benefits of vacation ownership. You are required to attend a 90 minutes presentation with no obligation to purchase. This programs is designed for individuals or married couples. If married or cohabitating, both husband and wife/cohabitants must attend the presentation together. Participants of this package must show two (2) forms of ID before the preview, which must be a valid driver’s license and a major credit or debit card. No premiums can be given if the tour is not taken or if you do not qualify at the time of check in and you may be charged full retail rates for your accommodations.

All nacionalities are accepted, for more information call to customer service department 1-888-391-5002

EXPIRATION: Travel must be completed within 6 months or 180 days (depending on promotion) of purchase of packages (unless otherwise stated).

SUBJECT TO CHANGE: All terms and conditions of packages contained within this offer are subject to change without prior notice. Vacation packages will be fulfilled by: VACACIONES LAGUNA SUITE.

Reservation fee may apply